Thanedd Coup Day 1 Decks

The newest PlayGwent expansion set “Thanedd Coup” has brought another 26 cards, which added to the ones which were included in “Once Upon a Pyre” might shake up the meta, so we have covered decks which you can play with these new shiny cards. Keep in mind that these lists are day 1 decks, so they can still be improved!


Fruits of Ysgith Gernichora

The Bloody Mistress has appeared in the Angren roads, and honestly, it seems super scary!

This deck looks like a mix between Relicts and Thrive, but with a much more explosive round 3. Idarran synergizes perfectly with the leader, and in combination with Caranthir and Gernichora, it becomes one of the scariest threats in the game. Enjoy the return of Pointslam!


Enslave 5 Midrange

All of you know one of my favourites archetypes from Nilfgaard is the Midrange piles, and this patch seems it is best suited in a Enslave shield, as most of the new cards seems great there.

Gameplan is kinda simple, as most of the Midrange strategy means use your resources in the most intelligent way you can do. Never spend more than you need and you will be fine. Enjoy your usual control faction!


Inspired Zeals Mage

Patience is a virtue! Or at least that’s what the new Northern Realms set is trying to tell us. While the set seems super greedy, we think that it can be suited in an archetype like Duels, which can make this deck survive the fastest threats.

This deck looks really scary if it’s able to stick everything in the board, becoming one of the greediest deck of the expansion, meanwhile if we need inmediate value, we can always use the Duel core (Viraxas – Anseis – Seltkirk).


Rage of the Sea Melusine

Streghten is back on the Skellige menu! Melusine is a nice addition to this Cultist archetype, which can carry by itself the archetype during the three rounds, while generating extra value each round.

A classic Alchemy deck, which is reinforced in the main weakness of the deck, being bleed in round 2, as slamming Melusine from Sigdrifa’s Rite might be enough to stop it, and which we can reuse with Bride of the Sea in round 3. Be ready to present your offering to Melusine!


Precision Strike Orb Spam

While Scoia’tael seemed one of the weakest factions during last patch, this second set reinforces the concept of making an hybrid spell deck which allows us to play a really thicc Gord.

The addition of Elven Seer, plus Orb of Insight has made this faction really fun to play, meanwhile can remain competitive, which was something it was lacking. Tempo for round 1 and 2, mixed with control, where Gord in R3 is the cherry on top.


Lined Pockets Bounty

The Hale family has arrived to get control over the Syndicate’s hosts! With the new addition of Ignatius Hale as a decent finisher for a Bounty archetype, plus Scoundrel as a premium spender, SY gains another control tool to its arsenal.

Gameplan is kinda similar to the old Lined Pockets deck, but with an extra of control and a pointslam finisher in the hands of Ignatius, which for sure makes it better than last season.