Three years have passed since Team Nova was founded as a little project with the aim to promote competition among the Hispanic Gwent community. After countless hours of effort and tons of initiatives, the organization has managed to become a staple of the international community.

We have always been totally focused on the competitive side of Gwent, with the aim of enhancing the competitive skills of our players. Thanks to an intense combination of planification, training and preparation, some of our players have been able to shine bright in international tournaments, even leaving a big impression in the last Gwent Open.

However, we want to make an even greater commitment with the community. That´s why today we are proud to present Rising Nova, our new competitive section. Rising Nova has been created with aim of training players who want to join the competitive side of Gwent, helping them improve their skills to their maximum.

This way, every player interested in the Project will be able to join by fulfilling this form. After that, the club admins will contact them to include them in the selection process.

Todo aquel que quiera aspirar a formar parte del proyecto, solamente tendrá que rellenar el siguiente formulario y la organización de Team Nova se pondrá en contacto con él para llevar a cabo el proceso de selección.

If you want to get to the top along with the best teammates, don´t hesitate to join Rising Nova. We want you in!