Meme Decks: Casino Double Cross

Hello to everybody, I’m Sanxesss, welcome to meme decks, a section where we will see non competitive decks which are so fun. Being this the first article, I couldn’t start with anything more than RNG.

Almost half of our cards (Uma, Aguara, Master Mirror) are going to create units and special cards, and the other half of them (Artorius Vigo, Glynnis, Ducal Guard) boost themselves whenever we Create a card. Mix this with Double Cross ability, and the casino starts. Time to play!

Deck is built in a way Artorius Vigo will always create a Duchess’ Informant. Portal will help us to fight round 1, and even to abuse red coin. It is worth to notice that our Defender, Ffion van Gaernel, procs Assimilate, as Battle Preparation is generated.

Key cards:

  • Glynnis aep Loernach: if we are able to keep her alive, she will be our main point source, being able to grow 6 points in the same turn chaining creates.
  • Master Mirror: despite the card pool he can give us is not really refined (Affan or Vattier de Rideaux), risk rewards braves. Imagine a possible Damien de la Tour or a Stefan Skellen.


  • Seeing what Uma, Aguara, or Runewriters offer to us can be one of the most fun things we can experience.
  • If we are playing against a low control deck, like Monsters, they can suffer, due to our engine overload style.


  • Uma and Aguara are complete casinos, so we can lowroll badly.
  • We are going to suffer against control centered decks, as our engines are going to die and Glynnis probably will be reset.

Using Shupe’s Day Off and Triss: Telekinesis can offer extra assimilate procs at the cost of making the deck more greedy. Check an example here.