Harvest of Sorrow Day 1 Decks

The newest PlayGwent expansion set “Harvest of Sorrow” has brought another 26 cards, which added to the ones which were included in “Once Upon a Pyre” and in “Thanned Coup” might shake up the meta, so we have covered decks that you can play with these new shiny cards. Keep in mind that these lists are day 1 decks, so they can still be improved!


Carapace Keltullis

Our favourite dragon lady has come back, and has joined the Sabbath!

The deck features all the old Keltullis core, featuring Nithral, Defender and Keltullis as our main Witches’ Sabbath targets. As you can see the list also carries the Yghern Ozzrel package for extra tempo, but be careful to not have Yghern in the graveyard at the time we are playing Sabbath, as he will be summoned just to die!

Interesting comeback to the meta, that we will need to monitor closely.


Enslave Assimilate

Assimilate got new shiny toys, specially as one of the best mages according to lore, Lydia! Enslave seems a well-suited shield for surviving the first days of the patch, as it allows you to get extra control without crippling your deck too much.

Gameplan is kinda simple, as Assimilate works as a mix of control and engine deck, so be careful in how you spend your resources. Enjoy your control take to the meta!


Inspired Zeal Patience

And finally, our Patience has been rewarded. While during Thanned Coup the archetype still felt like it lacked some finishers and ways to get the advantage of the carryover apart from Shani. Duels still seem like the complementary core.

Deck is able to put enough threats due to the new cards in the board, especially playing several cards in a turn, which makes the deck feels more linear than before, and that’s a virtue. Duels must be kept to answer any inmediate threat, while in short round 3 we can use our Alumni or either Shani to capitalize all our hard work.


Rage of the Sea Rain

Following the trend with most of the sets, Skellige’s PoP set feels now completed. The third drop of the expansion feels like the piece we needed to make the deck cohesive.

The deck remembers so hard to the old beta Greatsword deck, which has included an explosive short round with Melusine in the case we need it. Remember that Messenger of the Sea is a complementary card, and that it is not needed to win, cause the deck is closer to a control deck. Enjoy the rainy weather!


Invigorate Torque

Scoia’tael third set of PoP is certainly the most interesting for me and the one that makes an old archetype like Handbuff come back to the meta, all due to the great card that it is Torque.

While the archetype is still slow in comparison with others in the first turns, finally we generate a amount of carryover that can feel enough to win even the most difficult matchups, specially cause we finally can double the handbuffs due to Torque. Enjoy tonificating other players!


Pirate Cove Bounty

After the Drill nerf, SY has started looking suspiciously close to a certain family. Hale family has all the responsibility over their backs and we will see if they are able to keep the expectations.

Pirate Cove gives you access to spenders when you need it, plus liberating some of our 4P slots, that we can use in our Bounty archetype. Despite it lacks consistency, I think this deck can perform really well in this season’s start.