Expansion Day 1 Decks

The newest PlayGwent update 8.0 has brought a new expansion, Way of the Witcher, with more than 70 new cards, so we have covered decks which can be played with these new shiny cards. Keep in mind that these lists are day 1 theorycrafts, so they can still be improved!


Movement Precision Strike

A new school is back to the road! Cat Witchers have shown they are the superior witcher school shaking up the Scoia’tael meta.

Deck features the classical Devotion Strike but with the new additions, making it stronger and improving part of its weaknesses, changing significantly its playstyle.


Overwhelming Hunger Viy

Old Beta Ciri: Dash has returned and in a much more suitable shell, as Monsters are the perfect faction to achieve its maximum value. This insectoid, called Viy, can reach values as high as 30-33 points.

Gameplan is simple, consume it as much as time as possible using the rest of the deck as a way to access Viy, getting old Nekker vibes, as we are getting a great amount of points just from consuming it. It is important to notice that we should consume Viy the same turn we play it to avoid counterplay.


Patricidal Fury Witchers

While Skellige set is one of the less spectacular of the expansion, it is still really solid and can configure by itself a new archetype, which is always interesting.

A great midrange deck which can be piloted as a variation of warriors, but using some neutral cards, so you can give up devotion and get some tech cards, which can be considered an advantage.


Shieldwall Erland

Erland was a difficult card to evaluate for sure because it oscillates between been only 6 points of carryover and a 40 point body. Despite that, it has made us able to build cool decks like this.

Using Griffin Witcher Adepts in the first round in combination with Roegner to assure getting a decent round 1, meanwhile, we can get an extra good round 3 with the combination of Pavetta and Erland. Another fun deck that can become competitive.


Salamandra Jackpot

And we got an Exodia deck. Just get last say and you will be able to wipe all the board except your Black Rayla, which will resist as a 17 point unit with Veil.

For the rest, it makes an interesting use of cards which have been underused as Syanna and Madame Luiza, which remain alive and protected due to Azar Javed ability. A fun and for sure difficult play deck.


Tactical Decision Snowdrop

Snowdrop has shown new possibilities for Nilfgaard and has improved Tactical Decision to the point of creating her own archetype. While other decks are still similar to pre-expansion ones, this one is greatly different.

Remember that using Leader and Snowdrop in the same turn is enough to get a 12 points Snowdrop which can be improved by using Affan to get 17 points in one turn. A deck with potential and which surely will appear more when the meta gets consolidated.