Emhyr Spies: Guide

Mcm5392 creator of this Emhyr Impostor deck, with a collaboration from Paulus Dolohov, bring us a guide to play a version very focused on interactions with spies, which were greatly reinforced this season.

With the arrival of the new 12 cards, the empire has managed to reinforce one of the weakest archetypes in NG, the spies. Thanks to the new card Emhyr var Emreis, this archetype has been benefited with one of the most powerful engines in the game, although, by itself does not produce a big change on the board, mixed with other bronze units make him an unstoppable card. Adding another threat, that the rival needs to stop immediately.

Ideally, this deck likes a long round 3, because the Scenario and Emhyr benefit a lot with this. However, depending on the match we are forced to play round 2.

Key cards:

  • Emhyr var Emreis: The glue that links the whole archetype. Is mainly the most powerful engine on the deck. Besides having a deploy ability to change your hand, it has two passive abilities to remove value from your opponent’s plays.
  • Masquerade ball: The most expensive card in the game, but one of the strongest if you can’t stop it. It generates an engine that synergies with Emhyr, and two poison cards, able to kill almost any unit of your opponent. obviously a move to take in consideration when you are facing it.


  • Excellent long round.
  • Good short round depending on your draws.
  • Really good against some of the meta decks like Blaze of glory-Eist.


  • Difficult to win against traps or swarm decks.
  • Hard to handle.
  • Only a few proactive plays.


A version of the deck without Yennefer’s invocation, but with Ramon, to make more engines losing a bit of control.

Now we want to give a guide with respect to the order of playing our cards in each of the rounds, tips for certain confrontations, and based on this, know if we should leave a round quickly or press until the end.

Round 1 – Red / Blue Coin

Regardless of the coin, we always seek the greatest possible proactivity, clearly, we do not want to compromise our gold cards even if this gives us the round, in many cases the best decision is to leave control of the rounds to our rival. As primary tips we have:

If Roderick is in hand we can remove the Usurper and the Scenario, to be able to play all the cards if necessary. The best combo and the one that almost assures us this round is: the Impera Enforcers, Fergus Var Emreis, a Seditious aristocrat and Braathens, added to this we can look for a double poison (if there is knowledge of defending reserve the Cupbearer), start playing with Nauzicaa sergeant is very well, reserving a lock is sometimes important and if we are lucky with the bricks we can leave the Hunting pack looking to thin our hand. The emissary and the informant, on the contrary, are cards that we do not want in hand, depending on the match the informant can see the game and give more value to the Enforcers and aristocrats, but we leave that decision to you.

Round 2

At this point, we recommend that it is necessary to put pressure on the following confrontations: SY – Cleaver, NG – Double Cross, ST – Elves / traps, MO – Arachas. As a suggestion on the mirror, you should try to trade your opponent’s golds and achieve an average round 3 without losing the card, since the risk of filling the board without having used all our cards is very high.

Round 3

The ideal order in which the cards should be played is very subjective, but the way to get their highest value from them in a hypothetical case where the opponent allows us to have everything on the table would be the following:

  1. Emhyr var Emreis1
  2. Impera Enforcers
  3. Masquerade Ball2
  4. Bronze card – Nauzicaa Sergeant is the best option
  5. Bronze card – Alba Amored Cavalry is the best option
  6. Seditious Aristocrat3
  7. Usurper
  8. Yennefer’s Invocation4
  9. Joachim de Wett4
  10. Coup de grace5

1 Look out for Predatory dive or Serpent Trap.

2 We seek to delay the Scenario to have better objectives.

3 Seditious Aristocrats always go before the Usurper

4 It depends on the opponent’s board and his motors these cards and their combination can be altered, the highest possible value is always sought as objectives for these cards

5 Joachim or the most convenient target that has a spy tag attached by Emhyr

Use of the leader:

The idea is to look for the unit with the highest base power or a significant engine such as Gezras, the Tunnel Drill if it cannot be stopped, Emhyr, Keldar, Kolgrim or Unseen Elder.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and that reaching the Pro rank is much easier or increasing your MMR is even more fun with this deck.