Day 1 Decks

The newest PlayGwent update 7.2 has brought many changes to 14 leaders, more than a quarter of the total number of them Gwent has to offer; and due to this great amount of changes, we have covered which decks could be played with some of the new leaders. Keep in mind that these lists are day 1 theorycrafts, so they can still be improved!


Force of Nature Kikimore Queen

At first glance, this basic leader is just a revision over the old Dominance leader, the fact that you spawn and play Woodland Spirit, a 9 point card, is really sweet in thrive decks while making you less vulnerable to resets than the old one. And which deck is the best representative of the thrive mechanic? Kikimore Queen.

We have indeed lost some firepower due to the loss of Death Shadow, so we could run Scenario (despite in this version we are not using it) to compensate it, but we still have a great deck that can provide an extra double Thrive when we use our leader. That’s an interesting deck that hasn’t disappeared with the death of its main leader.


Battle Trance Gedyneith

As we see, we got a new alchemy toy to use with Gedyneith and Dracoturtle. The slight buffs to discard package makes this deck more consistent than older versions, but truly at the cost of not having almost any control tools. 

A mix of long round engines, in the form of priest and alchemies, as we can almost heal all our units, due to the high amount of specials we run, while we can fight the short round with the combination of Ermion and Gedyneith, with the downside of losing a ton of points if our scenario is answered.


Rage of the Sea Warriors

An Anrjolf on steroids has joined the Skellige ranks. While in some matchups like can be Northern Realms it’s slightly worse, due to the inability to provoke Bloodthirst, we are able to dodge some bad matchups as Nilfgaard.

Despite the core it’s exactly the same than old Skellige Warriors builds, the change to Greatswords have added an extra layer of control, as we have a great body to use Hjalmar an Craite. Another candidate to Tier 1 when refined.


Shieldwall Devotion

A really strong decklist that got a new toy to play with. This leader’s ability makes your engines almost unstoppable and your Anseis duel incredible. A candidate to be tier 1 once being refined.

Even though this list is more greedy than the traditional Uprising, we can get a ton of points if our Vysogota or our Anna Strenger sticks to the board, the ceiling is much better, despite losing a short round component as can be the Lyrian Scythemen from the leader.


Call of Harmony

Treehuggers’ favorite archetype is back to the menu! Harmony has received a good leader to play after Mystic Echo has disappeared, and in combination with its nerf being reverted, it made it a viable alternative to Schirru.

Despite not having as good push as old Harmony had, we still have a great long round with only one engine less than the classic Mystic Echo list, and we still have at least three engines. An interesting deck that should see a play at least during the first days of the patch.


Nature’s Gift Symbiosis

Symbiosis was one of the new mechanics featured in MM expansion for Scoia’tael, it was indeed released half-baked, especially when it was lacking a leader whose support it could get some extra value. In this patch, finally, cards like Hamadryad become interesting enough to be played.

While we have less control than traditional Schirru lists, we get an extra tempo due to our passive Symbiosis ability, making some cards like Circle of Life much more valuable. A great alternative to Harmony.


Tactical Decision Assimilate

A leader that I really struggled to find a shield to put on until I decided to go for the Assimilate one, as we can expect a raw value similar to Double Cross while reinforcing our hand, which is always welcome in this archetype.

Although it’s not the best deck in short rounds, we have a great long round due to our engine overload strategy, which makes this deck a great alternative to the Ball in the faction.