Ciri Card - Team Nova

Team Nova is the first Gwent competitive team project that appeared in the Hispanic community during the Open Beta. The team was founded in January 2018 and since then, we have been pioneers both competitive wise, always having the best Hispanic players in our roster, and in terms of content creation.

The project was born from the guts of Jamedi, who joined forces with two other administrators from the Gwent Spanish community to create a group of friends dedicated to discussing Gwent and with the aim of enhancing the play level of the Spanish community. Step by step, the team started to evolve more and more as time went by, to the point of becoming one of the most important competitive teams in the international Gwent community and thus achieving outstanding results in international tournaments.

Despite being quite a young project, in barely two years the competitive section of the team has managed to win many prestigious tournaments such as the Claymore Open, the Foltest League and several minor community tournaments. Moreover, the team players are usually placed among the top 100 of the pro rank ladder and are regular participants of the Gwent Open qualifiers. Recently, our Ace player Poisound has qualified for the Gwent Open, that being our best achievement.

Regarding content creation, Team Nova has always had a leading role both in the Twitch and Youtube platforms. We have always kept a roster of quality content creators who are official CDPR partners that work very hard to promote the game with streams, videos, articles, podcasts and many more initiatives.

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